The enemy has a job. It’s to kill, steal and destroy. Kill your dreams, steal your hope and destroy your future! He really had no desire to kill you as a person. In fact, he wants you to live. To live a miserable life. To live in fear and worry. To live in lack. To live in poverty. To live without hopes of having all you desire. He wants you to “live”.

But you don’t have to live like that!! God has created a plan to allow you to live in and with abundance. What is abundance? Google defines it as “a large quantity of something; plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity; an overflow”.

Scripture tells us He will open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing, that there will not be room enough to receive (Malachi 3:10) NOW – That’s the abundance!! That’s plentifulness! That’s overflow! That’s a large quantity of good things!

That’s what God wants for you! He does not want you living a life of mediocracy. Worrying about how you are going to pay your bills. Worrying about who likes you and who don’t. Worrying about who is impressed and who’s not. He doesn’t want you stressing over things out of your control.

These are the battles He wants to fight for you. We will always have enemies (remember He prepares a table before our enemies), there will always be a lack (the poor will be around you always), there will always be something to worry about (let tomorrow have its worries) but today we don’t have to focus on that! We can concentrate on the abundance that God has provided for this day!

Try not to let worry consume your thoughts. Focus on things that are pure. Things that are of good report. I do not live in a vacuum so I know things come up. But you have the ability to control your thoughts. You have the ability to declare peace over your life. You have the power to speak life into any situation.

God says abundance! I’m declaring my abundance! I’m declaring my overflow! I’m declaring my plentifulness!

Until Next Time