Storms of life will come! While in the mist of them it may seem like it will never end. The wind, the rain, the continued turmoil, destruction all around but God!!

There have been many storms that have come through this area. Ones where the wind blew so hard that I was sure the house was going to come off of its foundation. The thunder was so loud that my body trembled from the sound. The lightening so bright if looked upon could blind you for a split moment. But after it was all over this amazing peace seemed to take over and all stood still in the calmness.

That’s the way life can do you. Everything seems to be in complete disarray. You feel tossed by circumstances, shakened by the loudness of all the issues and blinded by the things you see transpiring and it seems it will never end. But God!! He steps in and says Peace be still! And you realize that you are still standing and everything around you that really matters is still in place. It’s an overwhelming feeling of peace, of gratitude, of safety. It’s in that moment that you realize that there is safety in the arms of the Lord!

Regardless of what you go through in this life, regardless of how strong the winds may seem to blow, how bright the lightening, how loud the thunder stand firm on the word that God will never leave you nor forsake you! If He brings you to the storm He is faithful enough to bring you through it. The trials in life come to make you stronger.

I encourage you to go through your storm realizing that God has his loving arms around you and He will protect you. There is safety there. It may seem like the storm will never end but rest assured that God’s hands are upon you and He will not let anything happen to you! Some storms come through to destroy those things that could have destroyed you. So view them as necessary! Something that was bound to happen. Then sit back and count your blessings that you are still here to witness the calm after the storm! Until next time be blessed