What’s Stopping You? Step Out The Boat Already!!

Do you have desires and dreams but you are afraid to pursue them? Do you live your life in your “comfort zone” out of fear of failing? Do you find yourself wrestling with whether or not to do something you’ve never done before? You my dear could be battling with your “COURAGE” and it’s winning!

I’m sure most of you have heard the story of Jesus walking on water. In case you haven’t you can read about it here (Matthew 14:22-33). In the meanwhile, here is a paraphrase of what happened. Jesus told the disciples to get in the boat and to go to the other side of the lake while he went to pray. While he was praying the boat drifted away from the land and Jesus had to walk on the water to get to the disciples. When they saw Him they got scared, thinking he was a ghost. He told them to not be afraid. Peter said if it’s really you let me come to you. Jesus said come on. Peter began walking on the water towards Jesus until he looked around, saw the wind and the waves, got scared and began to sink. Jesus reached out grabbed his hand, and asked why did you have doubt? Why did you get scared? Then he sat with the disciples in the boat and they realized Jesus really was the Son of God. Whew!!!

Okay, let’s talk about the courage thing and why I chose this scripture as a reference. I hear people talk about how they have all this courage and they aren’t afraid of anything. And the real “super-saints” quickly quote the scriptures about how God did not give you a spirit of fear or how we shouldn’t be afraid because God is always with us. AND all of that is true. God is always with us and He did NOT give us a spirit of fear but just like with Peter, when He saw his doubt He reached and helped him and he will do the same for us.  He knows what we need way before we know ourselves.

So one night I was lying in bed, because that’s when I get most of my ideas for my blogs, and a thought came to my mind. What keep people from doing the things that make them happy? What is one of the main things they need in order to move from their comfort zone into a space of abundance? COURAGE!!! They need courage! We need courage!!! Then I said what is courage and this is what came to mind…

Confidence, Opportunity, Understanding, Reason, Attitude Check, Guidance and Expectation!!! I didn’t understand it then, but as I’ve began looking deeper it’s getting clearer. I go will go into full detail on my community Facebook page so if you are not following me there please do so (make sure you press like and make a comment on at least two post so you will be notified when I post).

But here we go! Courage is the ability to do something even if it frightens you. Many people stay stuck in situations because of fear. They struggle with their courage. Don’t get it twisted – I struggle with my courage often. In fact, I had to make a big decision just recently and it was my courage or the lack thereof that kept me in limbo for almost a year! Yea, you saw that right! It took me a year to make this decision and to stick with it. So don’t think for a moment that you are alone. Anyone that tells you they don’t struggle at times is LYING to you!! One of my biggest challenges (fears) is doing videos. Although I get the most feedback from them, they scare me. It’s crazy I can speak to groups of hundreds and although nervous, I’m not fearful. I think it’s with a live audience I can gage how things are going and make corrections if needed but with a video recording, it’s out there for the world to see without any correction. But I’m jumping out on faith and I’m going to do some recording (starting with this topic)! Y’all pray for your girl!  Okay, that was one of Tina’s bunny trails.

I was in limbo for a year until I mastered how to beat my courage at her own game. I straddled up and I went to battle.  That’s when I began to break down the bible story of Jesus walking on water. Check this out.   

Confidence:  I imagine it took at least little confidence for Peter to even step out of the boat and to think he could walk on water. And it took even more for him to call on Jesus to help him when he began to sink. He knew Jesus would and could help him.  He didn’t call out to the other disciples. Why? Because his faith was in Jesus not the people in the boat. When you want to get your courage under control, stop worrying about what the people around you are saying focus on what God is telling you.  Start speaking the promises He has given you.  You are victorious, you are a child of the king, you can live in abundance.

Opportunity: Peter was ready when opportunity presented itself. Peter asked Jesus if he could come to him. Now imagine when Jesus said yes, Peter had to put on his pants or shoes. Or he had to position himself. No, when Jesus said come, he stepped. We ask God for things but we are not in a position to receive them when opportunity presents itself. I once saw a quote that said “I’m positioning myself to receive what I prayed for”. Discouragement will keep you in a position where you miss opportunities presented to you.

Understanding: Peter understood what was required.  To walk a courageous life, you have to understand the assignment. Many of us want the blessings of God but don’t understand what’s required to get them. He said we can have an abundant life IF we follow him and not the enemy. (John 10:10) He said we don’t have worry about what we will eat, drink or wear. We don’t have to worry about “stuff”, IF we seek the kingdom of heaven first. (Matthew 6:33) Understand who gives you courage.

Reason: Peter had a reason to step out of the boat. He wanted to get to where Jesus was. What’s your reason for wanting to do that thing that has you afraid? Maybe it’s leaving a job to start your own business. Maybe it’s going back to school. Maybe it’s buying a car. Maybe it’s getting married. What is it? Why do you want to do it? I was once told if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

Attitude Check: When Peter began to sink, it was because he looked out at the winds and the waves. He took his attention off of Jesus. He began to think with his head instead of with his heart. He began to trust what he saw instead of what he knew. When you find yourself struggling with your courage, do an attitude check. Ask yourself what am I focusing on, who am I focusing on?

Guidance: When the disciples were in the boat, the became afraid thinking it was a ghost coming towards them. Even Peter doubted because he said “IF it be you, let me come to you.” Be careful who you surround yourself with. Bad guidance is guidance but it will not help you get where you are trying to go. In fact, it can keep you struggling even more. Everyone will have an idea of what you “should” do. Make sure it lines up with what you and God have agreed on.

Expectation: Peter had several expectations. One, he expected that he would be able to walk to Jesus or he wouldn’t have gotten out of the boat. Second, he expected Jesus to save him, or he wouldn’t have asked him to. What are your expectations? Most of us lose the battle with our courage because we don’t expect to win. We think of all the reasons why something could go wrong instead of the reasons why it could go right.  Get out of your head!!! Expect great things and great things will come to you.

So when you find yourself struggling with your (courage) faith, think about Peter. Peter had to make some choices.  If he really wanted to get what he desired in this case to be where Jesus was (understanding/reason), he had to push aside his doubt (confidence). He had to do something he had never done before (opportunity). He had to believe it was possible and leave those that didn’t (attitude check). He had to realize that even if it didn’t work, God would be there to catch him (guidance/expectation).

This is just one way God gave me revelation on COURAGE. Join me over on my Facebook page as we talk about Blue, a little bird, that wanted to be like her momma and fly.

Until Next Time,