Your reviews mean the world to me....


2nd Annual HELP Conference

I was so impressed by the transparency of the speakers. I’m thanking God for the haven provided. It gave women hope for a support system. Awesome event, Tina    ~Carol

What an amazing move of God that was in the place. Thank you for your dedication to the event and telling the story. ~Sharon

I really enjoyed myself, I thank you for having the event and God for showing up and using you to help myself and others unmask. ~Natasha

I came with so much on my mind and left feeling so uplifted.  I can’t expain how great it feels to take this mask off ~Pamela

What an amazing event. I enjoyed every moment and I’m grateful for the healing that flowed to everyone who was in attendance. ~Rachel

Powerful event!!! I’m glad I attended ~Leslie

Vision Board Party

If you want some clarity or need help focusing on your dream, you should attend! This is more than a workshop. It can turn into a venting, clarity and/or release session. You will leave with a sense of well-being, and new friends. This is Tina’s passion so you will get more than expected. A couple hours can change the way you view your purpose in life. Nothing to loose, but everything to gain. ~ Angela

This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. Tina’s “figured it out” method was amazing. She shares generously of her knowledge and faith! ~Linda

I went to a seminar hosted by Tina Bailey in 2015. My life hasn’t been the same. “I thank God For You Tina”.   ~Cristie

I took time for ME. Thinking about my goals and visions. Tina Bailey, did an awesome job. I just met her today, but I can tell you that she is a true woman of God and living out her purpose. She’s someone that you want to connect with and a true blessing. ~ Sherri



“What You’re Hiding is Hindering Your Blessings” spoke to the little innocent girl in me, the insecure teenager in me, the educated woman in me, but most importantly, the Christian that I am. Tina uses her life to remind “us” that we cannot give up and that we can do all things through GOD. She shares her heartache, heartbreak, tragedies and triumphs to encourage us to keep jumping over the hurdles of life as we continue to keep our goals centered on GOD. I am an avid reader of nonfiction; I must commend Tina on her use of simplicity to connect to and reach her audience. Throughout the book, she reminds the reader that you do not have to be perfect to walk in God’s perfect peace and love. GOD accepts us as we are! ~ Sharon

This book is a must read. Do you feel like you just trying to get by? Do you feel unworthy? Do you feel like you need to reach out for help, but for whatever reason you can’t? This book written by Tina Bailey will open your eyes to see that you can’t get help in secrecy. ~Ebony

My sister and I are taking turns reading your book “what you are hiding is hindering your blessings”. At many times while reading, we have cried together & have acknowledge things in our own lives. We have discussed the book and shared what that particular section meant to us. We found that we were more alike than different. I can see her light peeping through since reading your book as well as the same in mine. God bless you for impacting us in such a way that we are walking in healing day by day. ~Lafondria

This book deals with real woman issues especially for those woman who have lost their way when it comes to relating to themselves. Learning how to get the focus back on themselves.  ~Angie

Inspiring!! This book helps with life’s challenges in a way that’s makes you really think. Loved it!! ~Author AG

Tina’s writing was very inspiring and wise, she is a wonderful writer and with a winning grace and humaneness…. very moving and tender and tough and sentimental at the same time.  This was a very good read and I highly recommend this read for young adult females.  ~unknown



One-on-one coaching with Tina was awesome. I accomplished every goal we agreed on and more. I am more confident and happier. I struggled with saying NO to people – I now realize saying yes when I don’t mean it requires me to say no to myself. I can now say NO without regret and take time to be good to myself. I love the new person I have become.  ~Hitha

It’s because of you I was able to let go of a bad relationship, get a car and love the woman I am. Thank you so much for giving me back me. I can never repay you for that. I thought I believed in myself until you showed me what it really meant. I have finally moved from the clearance rack to the sales rack. ~Jasmine

I didn’t know I had put a clearance tag on myself until I was forced to look at myself from a different perspective. Are you a billboard? has given me a new outlook on myself and how I “display” the merchandise. ~April