Each month we do a Bible Reading Challenge. I started doing this “challenge” because I needed to dig deeper in God’s word for myself. I’ve learned it’s easier to commit to something new when there is some type of accountability.  What better way to be held accountable than posting on social media!!

I started the reading challenge in August of 2017 and it has grown tremendously.  We dig deep. We share our hearts. We are honest with ourselves and with each other.  Some of the challenges we have completed are Forgiveness, Don’t Quit, The Battle is Not Yours, Restoration, Thanksgiving. I would love for you to join us over on Facebook.  I do a brief devotion and my friends join in with their thoughts.  This month’s Challenge is to the left!  Hope it helps you develop a habit of reading God’s word like it has me and many others.

When led, I will even write a blog post about a particular scripture (you can find them on my blog page – under Bible Challenge).  If this is something you would like to see on a continuous basis, please leave me a message to do so.