Tina Bailey

I stopped letting my past hinder my destiny.  Let me help you do the same!

Tina’s Story

Hi my name is Tina Bailey. I am the author of What You’re Hiding is Hindering Your Blessings, Contributing writer to Bag Ladies: Unpacked, Founder of Unhindered Blessings, Owner of Gifts by Tina, Certified Christian Life Coach, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Friend. But most importantly I am a Child of the King and a Lover of Life!!!  But you see it hasn’t always been that way.

There was a time that my life was completely out of control, I didn’t know who I was and I really hated my life.  I was burnt out, miserable, depressed, and lonely but I didn’t know it. I was so consumed with everyone else’s issues and trying to control what was going on with them.  Yet something was missing…..

Have you ever felt that regardless of what you did… it just wasn’t good enough? That nothing you did was quite right? That maybe someone forgot to tell you the rules to the game and you were failing because of it? Well that was me!!

I had portrayed a “perfect” life for so long that I had convinced myself that everything in my life was perfect. So when my perfect masterpiece of a life began to fade, I was lost! I was confused! I was angry! I found myself drowning in depression and self-pity with nowhere to turn.

One day I woke up looked in the mirror and began to cry. I would jokingly say that my self-esteem was so low that I couldn’t trip over it. But the sad thing about it – it was true!!!

Who was I? What happened to that girl with so many aspirations? That girl that felt she could do anything? That girl who had it all (or so I thought)? Where had my life gone? Where was all those people that I lived my life helping? What happened to my wonderful life?

It was then and there I declared that enough was enough and that I deserved better.  I cried out for God to help me and he did!! Did I mess up? Yes still do! But I am thankful that God loves me, forgives me and that HE does not require that I be perfect only consistent and faithful!!

I hope something on this site helps you to realize the same.

Let’s grow together,