We’ve all heard the scripture resist the devil and he will flee! (James 4:7) But we fail to look at the beginning of that scripture “Submit yourself to the Lord”. There are things you must do for the devil to leave you alone. Submit (surrender) to God then resist (turn away from).

Today’s passage reminds us that God will defeat the enemies and have them running from you. But just like in James there’s some things you must do to make that happen.

GOD will defeat your enemies who attack you. They’ll come at you on one road and run away on seven roads. Deuteronomy 28:7

You cannot keep entertaining the tricks of the enemy and expect the blessings of God. Are you keeping company with people who are always seeing the glass half full yet you want to live in abundance?

You cannot live life on the fence and expect to reap the harvest that was planted. Are you sitting waiting for God to make your dreams come true but not following ALL the instructions he gave you to pursue them?

Are you complaining about the toxic relationships in your life but ignoring the truths God reveals about them?

God provides you all the resources you need to defeat the enemies in your life. But you must be willing to use them. The enemy come at you but when you follow God’s instructions, they will run. They will run fast. Because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

God is bigger than anything the enemy can throw at you. Stop making the enemies in your life bigger than God. What you feed will grow.

Until Next Time,