Isaiah 8:10-13

It’s easy to get caught up in the hoop-lah of chaos! I mean think about it, have you ever been in a situation where someone is mad about something someone else did. They tell you about it. Now you mad. What how that happen?

Granted there are really some instances where it’s warranted, like war, abuse, child endangerment, etc. But what about those days when your coworker comes in and says someone cut them off on the highway. They are furious! Then you find yourself furious. Why?

It’s human nature. Did you know we gravitate towards anger and dysfunction? But you don’t have to! You have a choice. You can decide your own fate and your own happiness. You have a choice to decide if you will be happy or if you will be mad.

This passage instructs us not to fall prey to the “counsel” of others. In other words, don’t allow the words or actions of others take the lead in how you feel. Be led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God, is with you everywhere you go. Ready to handle any situation that arises. But you must follow his direction. Follow his instruction.

Separate yourself from those that are constantly producing negativity. Depart from those that only see the glass a half full. The truth is; regardless if the glass is half full or half empty you have a glass and someone else don’t. Rejoice in your abundance!

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