Deuteronomy 20:4 for the LORD your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you, against your enemies, to save you.

Growing up, I was never fighter but I have always had a mouth and I used it often. As I’ve shared many times, I was bullied as a child but one day I found my voice and well… let’s just say I gave those bullies a piece of my mind! Of course, I would only speak up for myself when certain people was around, I had to make sure I had some back up in case things didn’t go the way I planned. I wasn’t afraid of anyone doing anything to me because I had back up.

Now imagine what kind of confidence you would have if you brought God to the battle with you!! Can you imagine the look on the face of your enemy?

Today’s passage reminds us that not only does God go with us, HE fights for us! We don’t have to do the fighting HE does. He loves us just that much. And then on top of that HE’S fighting to save us. One translation even says HE “fights to win”.

I don’t know about you but when I know I’m going to win, my confidence is large and in charge. I don’t sweat it. I walk with my head up, poke my chest out and I’m loud! (Well maybe we don’t need to be loud and boastful) Nah I’m going to be loud and boastful! I’m putting the devil in his place. He cannot win! God is fighting my battles from now on a I’m winning.

So when life throws things at you, remember God is there ready to fight that battle! Just give it to him. Take God with you to the fight and WIN!! There is nothing impossible for the Lord our God!

Until Next Time,