Have you ever wondered why one day things can be going really good and then all of sudden all hell breaks loose in your life?

I mean the kids are doing well, there is an abundance of attention from the husband (you know we love that), the work is getting done and all your clothes in your closet fit! Then suddenly, it’s like the case of the body snatchers. All the kids have an attitude about something, the husband is walking around with his undies in a bunch. On your way out the door, you spill coffee on the only pair of pants that didn’t give you the indication the button would pop at any moment. Once you finally get to work, you find pile of work on your desk that must be completed by noon and it’s already 10:00 am.

Okay what happened to the serenity? What happen to the peace that was roaming through my life less than 24 hours ago? I want it back! I want it back NOW!

We get so weighed down with life’s mishaps that we fail to stop and say thank you! Thank you for those kids even though they don’t act right every day. Thank you for that husband and all his little quirks. Thank you for the job that allows me opportunities to help provide for my family. Thank you that even though my clothes fit a little snug, it reminds me that I have an abundance of food to eat.

Today’s bible challenge is James 4:7 – Resist the devil and he must flee. Don’t allow life’s hang-ups or inconveniences to distract you. These things are attempts from the enemy to cause you to lose focus on your purpose. To give up. To battle things that are not of concern. God promised to fight the battle for us. Let him!!!

Don’t give any attention to the distractions thrown at you today! Don’t entertain the enemy at all! In fact, resist him! Stay focused. You are VICTORIOUS! You are a CONQUEROR! You are an OVERCOMER! Now watch God fight that battle for you!

Until Next Time,