It’s easy to get caught up in the way we want things to go. I mean we all want a good life; you know where we don’t worry about money, everybody loves us, the kids are healthy and happy, the marriage is full of harmony, and everybody and everything is on one accord. We can hope, right?

Well I must admit that’s not how my life goes! My savings account is not where I want it, I still have those darn student loans, I have my share of haters (I mean motivators), my kids are healthy but often complain about things out of our control, and every so often I have flash backs of the turmoil and dysfunction that ruled my life.

But when it’s all said and done I can put a smile on my face and say, “THY WILL BE DONE” and mean it. Is allowing God to have complete control easy? From a person that battles with relinquishing control, I would say NO!! But I’ve learned when I don’t surrender and turn it over to God, it makes things harder.

Thy will be done does not mean everything is going to be great! It does not mean you will not get hurt. It does not mean you won’t have heartache. What it means is trusting God in the midst of it ALL. It means realizing you don’t have all the answers but HE does. It means some days will be harder than others but it will work out in the end.

It does not mean never worrying about tomorrow. It does mean trusting tomorrow will take care of itself and living in the blessings of today.

It does not mean I can’t voice my opinion. It does mean I can go to God boldly asking what I desire and believing HE will give me what I need.

It does not mean money will always be available. It does mean all my needs will be supplied and I will always have an abundance of what I need.

It does not mean people aren’t going to walk away. It does mean trusting God to put the ones in my life that need to be there.

It does not mean every day will be sunny. It does mean that I can dance in the rain and rejoice knowing it is growing me into a better person.

So even when life is hard and things don’t seem to be going the way I want them to go. I’m reminded those trials are molding me into the person God needs me to be. So, thy will be done, Lord! Thy will be done!

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