It seems things are getting worse when it comes to all the hate and anger in the world.  There has always been racism but it was more covert. People say they are standing up for their rights but in my opinion, people are just showing who they really are.  It’s so easy to blame this person or that group for what we are experiencing, yet easier to dismiss how we are contributing to it. DISCLAIMER: If you don’t want to be honest stop reading now!

You may not be racist but you haven’t stood up to fight for those who are being mistreated.

You may not be displaying anger but you are harboring hate and anger in your heart.

You may not be choosing your friends because of the color of their skin but do you look down on the homeless person laying on the street.

You may go to church but you are passing judgement on the woman who walked in with sunshades attempting to cover a black-eye.

You buy your kids name brand clothes but have you taught them not to bully the little girl that comes in with holes in her shoes.

You might post scriptures and prayers on social media (or share mine) but have you stopped and prayed for the person that looks different from you.

Your cabinets may be full but have you dropped food off at the food bank for those who can’t afford grocery this week.

Psalms 28 is about calling out to God and Him hearing your prayers. But what are you praying? Are you focusing the attention on what you need instead of where you can serve? Are you asking for more when you aren’t appreciative of what you already have? God is faithful and He will take care of your needs! But maybe it’s time for you to help take care of the needs of others. Remember: Focusing your attention on the problems of others, requires you to take the focus off of your own.  Don’t quit! There is too much work to do.

Until Next Time,