Proverb 3:5-6

Trust God! Sometimes easier said than done. We say we trust God but when things get difficult or confusing we are ready to give up. We are ready to quit. It’s too hard. I can’t do this!  I tried it but this can’t be of God. This hurts way too much. What good could ever come out of this?  Are you trusting God or your feelings?

Our feelings will lead us astray. They can’t be trusted. Feelings change with every passing moment. One minute you can be happy the next you can be sad. You can be mad one moment and something can happen and make you glad all over again. Don’t trust your feelings!

Today’s passage says to trust God with your whole heart.  Even those places that hurt. Trust Him with those things that just don’t make sense. Trust Him when they lie. Trust Him when they hurt you. Trust Him when money is low. Trust Him when the kids are acting up. Trust Him! Trust Him when it doesn’t make sense. Trust him when everything inside of you is screaming to go the opposite way of which He is telling you to go.

Trust HIM! Trust the process. He knows the end. He knows this situation is going to work out for your good. He knows it will make you stronger. He knows it will make you wiser. He knows it will grow you. It may not make sense but you can’t follow what you make sense to you. Follow what makes sense to Him. Give it all to Him and follow His instruction. And watch Him turn it around for you.

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