2 Timothy 1:6-12
Today’s reading talks about fear. We’ve heard the verse before – God did not give us the spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mine. For years, I thought fear was bad. That we shouldn’t be afraid. That if I was afraid, I was out of the will of God. I, now, realize that being afraid means I’m human. Yes, it is an indication, to me, of something I need to face and ask God to help me with. But each time I have to face a fear, it reminds me that I’m growing. It reminds me that God has revealed something in me that I’m ready to deal with. It reminds me that God is moving me to a new level and that fear has to be dealt with or it will prevent me from moving forward.

I included verse 12 in this reading because we tend to stop at verse 7. But verse 12 says in the English Standard Version, but I am not ashamed, for I know who I believe and I am convinced that He is able to guard (me) until the day (I complete) what has been entrusted to me. So regardless of what battle I face. Regardless what challenge occurs. God will guard me, protect me, watch over me until I am able to accomplish what He has entrusted (assigned, put in my hand to accomplish, delegated) me to do.

So when I feel like giving up, I must remember that I have been entrusted with a task. God will never give us anything that He won’t equip us to accomplish. And on top of that He will guard you until it’s completed. So when fear does come up, remember the fear is not coming from God, it’s coming from the enemy knowing if you accomplish the task at hand he loses! But when you are able to push past that fear with a sound mind, with power from God and the love of what you’re doing God wins every time!.

So keep pushing. Keep persevering! And don’t you dare give up!

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