I’ve always wondered why we called Good Friday “good”? I mean this day was filled with sorrow, darkness and death. Yet we celebrate it and call it “Good Friday”.  Many of us have the day off work. We may cookout or go to the beach. We celebrate a day we should be mourning! I mean a man – a righteous man died on this day…..

As Christians, this day represents the basis of what we believe. It is the backbone of our belief. If not for the period we call “Good Friday thru Resurrection Sunday” we would have nothing to base our belief on. But still why “Good” Friday?

It was said in olden times it was actually called “God’s Friday”. Okay, that I can get with! But Good Friday? Then I began to think. I was a good Friday. It was the day when pain and peace came together as one. It was the day that suffering and rejoicing united. It was the day that my sins were forgiven. It was a good day for me at least.

Although Jesus knew His assignment before even coming from heaven, Good Friday was the day He solidified His love for the Father and for us.

I love my kids and I’ve always said I would die for them. But let’s be honest there are times when they make me mad, do something I don’t approve of or even say things that hurt my feelings. It is those days I question whether I would die for them and to think of dying a horrific death like crucifixion. Yeah, on those days, I would have to pause and think about it.

Although I would think about it as it relates to my kids, I probably wouldn’t even consider it for someone that has really hurt me, used me, or mistreated me. I’m glad I’m not God or y’all would be in trouble. I mean think about it – there are some people who have mistreated you and you probably wouldn’t even give them water more less give your life for them. Let’s make it even more relatable – you have people you haven’t spoken to in years because of something somebody said they said about you. Fact is you don’t know if it’s true or not but you walk around with that grudge like it’s the bible. Okay I got off track (but someone needed to read that- Let it go).

So even though we may look sideways at the person that has mistreated us, Jesus didn’t. He died for the ones that believed in Him and the ones that didn’t. He died for the ones that treated Him well and the ones that hated Him. He died for ME!! The one that have at some point broken every one of the ten commandments.  Now that right there is a true example of love.

But why “Good Friday”? When you look at it with our sinful eyes, there is no good in His being beaten, spit on, nailed to a cross, forsaken by His father, tortured and then dying on top of all of that. There is no good in that. But when you look at it from Jesus’s view, the good was He accomplished what God sent Him to do — save a dying world… to provide a way that we would be saved from ourselves…. He did it for ME. And now that “it was finished”, it was the day He was going back home to His Father.

So the “good” part of Good Friday is that He loved me enough to die for me. The good part of Good Friday is God loved me enough to let Him. The good part of Good Friday is now I can repent of my sins and have a chance of seeing God. The good part of Good Friday is while I was yet a sinner Christ died for me that I may not have to see the true wrath of God and receive the punishment that I deserve. The good in Good Friday is that I have an opportunity to get things right here on earth so that I can return to God.  So happy Good Friday!!!!

Until Next Time,