Although very transparent in some areas, I am very private in others. I don’t share things that hurt me because I’ve been taught that people use your weaknesses against you. I’ve also been taught never let them see you sweat and definitely don’t let them see you cry.

Well this morning was hard! And I really didn’t care who saw me cry. I didn’t care who gain knowledge from my weaknesses. And I didn’t care if they tried to use them against me. It was important to me that God heard my cry and that He understood my pain. Sometimes you have to get to the point you don’t care who is around you. You don’t care who sees you. You don’t care if you get ugly. Sometimes you just have to lay before the Lord and cry out to God for help.

In the midst of my tears, God reassured me that He was there. He reassured me that He never left me. He gently rocked me in His arms and helped me to see that all would be okay.  As I wiped my face and collected myself, I heard a bird chirping outside of my window. What an awesome reminder of His love and mercies!!

             Even in the midst of the storm, God will send a reminder of His presence. 

I’m reminded of the Bible story where Jesus was in the boat with the disciples and it began to storm. The disciples looked around and found Jesus asleep. They woke him up and asked if He cared that they may drown in the storm.  Jesus stood up and said “Peace be still” and a peace came over the ocean and the storm faded away – just like that!!! Jesus then looked at the disciples and said “What are you afraid of? Do you have any faith?”

When things around you are chaotic, it’s very easy to “walk in fear instead of faith”. And even easier to forget that God is right there with you. Do I view the disciples different because they were afraid? Nope! Do I view you different when you are afraid? Nope! And I don’t look at myself different when I am afraid! Yes, God did not give us the spirit of fear. He has instructed us to lean NOT on our own understanding. There are many mentions in the Bible where we should TRUST HIM! So if I’m afraid does that mean I’m not trusting Him.  I don’t think so. I think it is an indication I may have taken my eyes off of Him and placed them on my situation. It may be an indication I have begun to look at the size of my storm instead of the size of my God. It may be an indication it’s time to pray a little more. But it DOES NOT mean I lack trust in Him.

Does my fear mean I don’t have faith? Does it mean I don’t trust God? Nope, it means I am human!

The enemy would want you to think if you are afraid it shows a lack of faith. The enemy would want you to believe if you are going through a storm then you must have done something wrong. The enemy would even have you believe going through a storm means God has walked away from you. NONE of these things are true. Truth is God loves you and is concerned with every aspect of your life. Truth is some storms come in our lives to build our Faith. The Truth is God is always right there with you. Stop allowing the enemy to hold you captive to your thoughts.  He is a coward and has no authority. You, on the other hand, were fearfully and wonderfully made. You were hand-picked for a time such as this. You have power over the enemy and his schemes because you, my dear, are a child of the KING!!!

So the next time you are afraid and feel as if everything around you is chaotic, stop and do an assessment.  What has my attention? Who has my attention? Have I asked God for help? Am I listening to His instructions? You see regardless of what you go through; God is ALWAYS there! But if you listen to the sounds of the storm, you may miss His voice. It just takes His small, still voice to calm the storm around you.

Until Next Time