The year is coming to an end and everyone is trying to figure out what their “New Year’s resolution” will be. Many will make a vow to lose weight. Others will want to stop a bad habit. Others will work on goals that grow them as a person – going to church more, reading the bible more, going back go school. Don’t get me wrong those are all GREAT things to want to accomplish and what better time to start than at the beginning of the year.

It’s customary to start the year off with a list of goals we want to accomplish but somewhere around February we get slack and by April we don’t even remember what we put on the list. Or we’ve become so frustrated because we haven’t accomplished the goals that we give up and say FORGET IT!! Don’t give up on yourself so easily. Your efforts were on point it was your method that didn’t quite work. Below are 5 reasons why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work and how to set goals that you can actually accomplish.

  1. They are too broad. We set goals that are very general like “I’m going to lose weight this year”. Well what does that really mean? Truthfully if you lose 1 pound, you’ve accomplished your goal.  If you lose 50 pounds and gain it all back, you’ve accomplished your goal. We have to be more specific.  Here is a better way to generate the results you are looking for – I will become more aware of my health and find ways to have fun while improving my health. Make small goals that help you stay on track and see progress. Set accountability points throughout the year to make sure you are on schedule.  If you are great!! If you are not, readjust the plan and keep pushing. Just don’t give up on yourself.
  2. They are unrealistic. We set goals that are unrealistic. We resolve to read the bible every night before we go to bed. But… we don’t even own a bible. We are using the bible that Grandma had sitting on the table in the living room.  You remember, the one we weren’t allowed to touch growing up. Trust me I’ve made that resolution before too and by the time I got through all the “begot this one and that one”, I was done. A better approach would be to go to the bible book store and find a bible that caters to your needs. There are many versions available and some really good study bibles. Another thing is to find a bible study that you enjoy.  There are several online bible studies that focus on specific issues. You may even find a local women’s study group that can help you. Take baby steps. No one said you have to read the whole bible in January!
  3. There are too many goals. At the beginning of the year, we make all these goals we want to accomplish and before we know it we aren’t doing any of them. Decide what you really want to accomplish this year. Note: You should only have 2-3 goals at a time. These goals should be things that must be accomplished in order to move forward to other things. You don’t want to say I’m going to go back to school, get a good job, buy a house, start a family, etc. If the end result is to get established and start a family but you desire to go back to school to get that started, the first thing would be to decide what you want to study and what school you would like to attend. My grandmother would say it like this, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Don’t rush yourself or you will never take the first bite.” Decide what comes first and then make that happen.
  4. There’s no accountability. As many of you know I love my vision boards. I make one every year and post it on my wall where I can see it every day. Not only does it remind me of my goals for the year but it keeps me accountable to myself. Because “I am that girl”, I’ve learned what works for me. Not only do I place my board on my wall for me to see, I place it where my family can see it as well. Because I offer vision board parties every year, I take my current and past boards with me to these parties showing goals can be accomplished if you commit to them. ACCOUNTABILITY at the highest – you can’t sell something you haven’t bought!!!
  5. You’re not ready. Many people will make a resolution because it’s what they feel they “should do” or “what others are doing”. Just because you decide you want to lose weight is not a reason for me to want to lose weight. Just because you decide you need to go to church more does not mean I’m not happy with the relationship I have with God. If you aren’t ready to make the commitment needed to accomplish the goal then DON’T MAKE THE GOALl!! When you are really ready to make the change in your life it will be a part of you. You will own it. It will not be difficult. It may be challenging but it will not be difficult.

Basically, resolutions don’t work because for the most part they are not authentic. They don’t line up with what you really desire. They don’t provide you the accountability you need to make the changes and well, they provide you with a way out. Every one of us have made a “New Year’s resolution” at some point in our lives and we have all heard they don’t work – what a perfect excuse to not commit to the change!!!! Well, let’s make this year different! Let’s set goals we really want to accomplish. Let’s make ourselves accountable. Let’s commit to only the things we are ready to commit to. Remember you can be the best version of yourself but only when you are ready.

Until Next Time,

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