I went for my first post-op appointment today. The last time I walked into that office, I was walking around with a swollen belly looking like I was pregnant. I was in so pain and ready for some relief. This time I walked in able to admire the wonderful scenery.  You see my doctor had created a very welcoming environment for expecting mothers.  Moms and dads were sitting quietly chatting with each other and other patients. They were swapping stories about how excited they were for the baby to come into the world. I remember one lady even mentioning that she wasn’t financially prepared but couldn’t wait to see her bundle of joy.

As I sat and listened to all the chatter around me, I was drawn to one couple in particular. They had just found out the sex of their baby.  They were so excited. As they burst through the door with their ultrasound photo in hand, the dad was beaming from ear to ear. They sat down and began to text all their family and friends to share the good news.  I remember hearing the mom ask, “Is that everyone?”

I remember once while pregnant with one of my kids, we were in the office when a couple walked out in tears. The doctor was unable to find a heartbeat and additional testing would have done to determine if the baby was still alive. I could only imagine the heartbreak and fear.

Where are you going with this, Tina? Many of you have been impregnated with a purpose but you have not taken the time to receive proper care during the pregnancy.  Now, you think you are ready to birth this wonderful bundle to the world and well, there could be complications. 

You see going to the doctor while pregnant is not just to make sure the baby is developing correctly, it is to help make sure the mother is physically and mentally prepared to give birth.  It is to make sure the baby’s heartbeat is strong enough to go through the birthing process. It is to make sure there are no birth defects that could cause the baby to die at an early age. There are certain abnormalities that can be detected prior to the baby being born and ultimately “fixed” before the baby is even born. I hope you see where I’m going with this but in case you don’t let me make it a little clearer.

When you fail to seek help prior to birthing your purpose (starting your business, beginning your ministry) you take the chance of the purpose being birth prematurely, with birth defects and worse you could die during the birthing process.

  • Premature Birth. Just like the couple texting all their family and friends about the sex of their baby, we go around sharing our vision with anyone and everyone willing to listen.  Stop doing that! Realize everyone will not support your vision. But more importantly, you take the chance of giving birth to something that’s not ready to come into the world in order to appease other people. Don’t do it!!
  • Birth Defects. When you don’t seek help with your business, you can put out a product with defectsprenatal care. Things are bound to show up with a new business; however, many issues could be avoided if you would have just spoke to a trained professional concerning what you are doing. For example, some business fold because the owner failed to take care of the legal aspects. Do you have your Tax ID number? Do you need liability insurance?
  • Death During Birth. Many people don’t realize how much work goes into being an entrepreneur. I remember when we had our first restaurant, we were so excited until we began working 80 hours per week, our marriage began to suffer, we weren’t able to spend time with our kids, and my husband’s health suffered. Needless to say the excitement ended quickly. Are you ready to give up life the way you know it to help someone else? Are you really ready?

I have been given the assignment to help you find your purpose but once you’ve become impregnated, you need to seek help from a business coach. You need to prepare yourself for birth.  Starting a business is not just waking up one day and deciding you will work for yourself.  Nope!!! You need to be prepared. You need to do your research.  What does the IRS require for the business you are about to start? Can you operate from your home? Do you need a license? What about liability insurance? How much time will you need to invest in this business?  Who are you targeting? What are you offering?

I’m not trying to discourage you from starting your business. Because you know me, I’m all about empowerment and the best way to be empowered is to have your own!!! But what I AM telling you is don’t skip the necessary prenatal care. Don’t birth something into this world that will only last for a few months because you weren’t prepared.  Do your homework. Everything you need to be the best version of yourself, is inside of you. Sometimes you just need help bringing it forth.


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