I’ve always been a “fix-it” type person. So it’s not surprising that I would be in a business where my objective is to help people become the best version of themselves by living their purpose and releasing the strongholds of hurt and pain – you know “fixing stuff”.

It also is no surprise, for years I struggled with my own identity and purpose and still at times struggle with hurt and pain from my past. But I’ve learned to trust God’s plan and realize that He knows what’s best for me. Do that mean I don’t have questions? Far from it!! I have a lot of questions and I ask them. I don’t always like the answers but I ask the question and seek the answer.

You see I find it simple, even fun, to develop a plan of execution for others but don’t always follow the plan for myself. Maybe I’m too close to the situation or “know” too much about it to allow the required changes to take place.  Or maybe it’s just stubbornness that keeps me wanting to return to the comfort of familiarity. Or my desire to control the situation in spite of knowing I don’t have any control over it. No doubt, it’s me and not always being willing to comply with the will of God.

You see I had completed the preliminaries. I had a basic plan of execution.  I asked God to help me see the reality instead of focusing on the fairy tale.  I asked Him to remove the hurt and pain from the past and replace it with love and affection. I even asked Him to separate the bad thoughts from the good thoughts and let me dwell only on the good thoughts. I remember asking Him to place forgiveness in my heart and shower me with selective memory of the things that caused me to have to forgive in the first place.

What I soon found was that God does not like to be given orders – even if you ask nicely. He really don’t need instruction on how to complete a good work within me. Ultimately, He doesn’t’ need instructions from an individual that has never seen the end result.  God did and is doing what He wants to do in my life and equipping to me to accept it. It’s even safe to say that the requests I made were tweaked to prepare me for the assignment He has for me. As Fantasia would say “It was necessary”!!! (Have you heard that song? OMG listen here)

As the scripture says, we will never understand His wisdom, but we simply have to trust His plan (Psalms 37:5).  God knows what’s best for you. He has a desire and a plan for you that was prepared before you even entered your mother’s womb. Think about it like this… a plan was decided in heaven and you were formed to execute it. So psalms375regardless what comes your way, God has a plan for you. He has instructions, clear instructions on what you are supposed to do. Also realize He’s preparing you now for what He has in store for you later.  Trust the plan. Trust the wisdom. Trust God. We may never understand the why or even the how – but we can trust the WHO!!!

Until Next Time,

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