There is nothing like “VIP Status”. You get benefits that others could only imagine having. You are moved to the front of the line, if you have to wait in line at all. You are ushered to the front of the arena like dignitaries. Usually your seats are a little plusher than the others. You have a view close enough to see everything and anything worth seeing. You are almost as important as the person you have come to see because you, my dear, are a VIP.      A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON

Are there individuals in your life with a VIP Status? Have you ever tried to figure out how they got there? Who invited them? Who gave them a special invitation? Who told them they could sit up front AND on the front row? Well, clearly at some point you did!! Now you are ready for them to exit left.

It’s important to understand you are not alone. Many have people in our lives whose VIP status should have been revoked a long time ago. In fact, it’s a great possibility they you had second thoughts about even inviting them to the performance in the first place. Yet you took the chance put the invitation in an envelope and popped it into the mailbox. The recipient opened it, accepted it and you led them to the front row. Now, they are distracting you from what is supposed to be the performance of your life. How did you let this happen? What were you thinking? Truth is you weren’t thinking or you didn’t think long enough. But it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. What has happened has happened. You live and you learn. Now, let’s do something about it.

You see we are humans.  It’s human nature to look for the best in people. I mean let’s be real… if you walked around looking for the bad in everyone you would live a very lonely life. You would live a miserably unhappy life. You see, it’s when people do the same thing and you dismiss it or try to justify it, that will give you cause to rethink your invite list.

When people show you who they are believe them the first time. 

Maya Angelou

It really don’t take a genius to see if a person constantly mistreats or disrespects you, sticking around hoping they will change is probably not a good idea. If they had any intention of changing, they would have by now.

But how do you revoke their status? I mean they are on the front row. Sitting right in front for everyone to see. Asking them to leave would be disrespectful. Right?

Listen… you know when it’s time to release someone from your life and if you need help with that, we can talk about it. You are the CEO of your life and you can hire or fire whomever you desire. Your management team should consist of people who will help move your organization (life) in the direction you desire it to go.  Not people using your organization for personal gain.

Those individuals that seem the hardest to let go, are the ones that have made the biggest impact in your life.  Maybe a good impact at some point, but if you are considering lstatus revokedetting them go the impact has changed.  They have shown you in some way “who they are” and you’ve decided to make some adjustments.

How to revoke a VIP Status?

  • Take your time This is not a marathon. You don’t have to make a drastic decision but you do have to make a decision. You cannot stay on the fence on this one.  You must decide what’s most important. And any CEO knows the well-being of the organization always comes first.
  • Do what’s best for you So many times we focus on what everyone else wants for us or what’s best for everyone else.  At one point YOLO (you only live once) was extremely popular (it’s fading now) but the truth is if you are living right you only need to live once.
  • Accept it It’s only when you identify and admit there is a problem, that you can make adjustments. Remember you cannot change other people. Just like you have rights, so do they. So give them their rights and accept their desire to be who they want to be. Remember their choices has nothing to do with you.
  • Forgive Forgive yourself. Forgive them. Remember when you refuse to forgive, you allow bitterness to set in. Forgiving someone never excuses what they did but it allows you to unlock the chains that hold you captivated by what they did. You are at the peak of your performance now is not the time to be bound with unforgiveness.
  • Change your environment Go somewhere. Go for a walk. There is nothing like a change of scenery to clear your mind.  You’ve dealt with this long enough. Put it down for a little while. Trust me if you desire to pick it up when you return it will be right there. Hopefully you won’t want to pick it back up.
  • Have some fun Remember the things that once made you laugh. The things that made you smile. The things you could talk about for hours with your friends. Do them. Start enjoying your life.  Remember “if you are living right, you only need to live once”.

Revoking a VIP card is never easy and can be extremely difficult. However, allowing the performance you’ve worked your whole life to perform slip away, because of the distraction or lack of respect from someone who wishes you would fail, is crazy.

The curtain is about open are you ready? Your life begins NOW!!! Who’s in your VIP section? Should they be? Only you can answer those questions.

Until Next Time,

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