What God has for me is for me.  There isn’t a truer statement.  Honestly, what God has for you is definitely for you! Yet I see more and more Christians settling for mediocre. Settling for the status quo. Living a life of just enough. Sitting in a seat of possibility instead of standing in prosperity!!

God’s word says we are to have life and life more abundantly. It declares that we are to be lenders and not borrowers.  It specifically says that “we should not want”. Yet I see Christians living below their potential because of what they think others may say about them.

Maybe it’s me but I don’t think Jesus worrying about what people thought of him. I mean this man, (a holy and righteous man) turned water into wine, (yet some say it’s an abomination to drink wine -now you make that choice), he went into the temple and turned the table over (some would say he was angry and Christians shouldn’t show emotions like that), he rebuked the woman at the well (talk about shade) – I think you get my point. Yet we walk around living below our potential because of what we THINK man will say instead of what we KNOW God has said. Now having said that – it does not give you permission to do or say “whatever” you want to do.  Remember you have to answer for the choices you make in this world. 

We have to learn to go to God for ourselves and ask what the best choice for our lives is.  Many people can make suggestions about wgod said yeshat you need to do or what you should be doing, but it is only what you do for God that will ultimately matter.  And in all honesty even if you are doing it for God and you don’t want to do it – it really won’t matter much. 

God loves you and proved it time and time again, so it would make sense that you feel a need to make sacrifices as a sign of appreciation for HIS LOVE. But that is not how God works. Regardless of what you do, He will still love you. He wants you to have the best of the best. He wants you to live life. He wants you to stand in your prosperity. You see it’s giving Him honor when we live life. You can help others if you can’t help yourself – just saying. 

I once heard a man say “the God I serve would never require that I struggle”. I couldn’t have said it any better.  If I am a child of a KING, why would I live life like a slave? If my Father sits on a throne, why would I feel a need to go without? Maybe it’s my crazy thinking but I just don’t believe God would have you struggle on earth as a payment to get into heaven.  No, true heaven will never be on earth, but I refuse to live in hell and call God my father.


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