There are things in life that we can control and there are things in life that we cannot.  The problem is we don’t always know the difference, at least I didn’t.  I’ve always been the “fix-it” type person.  You know, the one going to the extreme to fix every thing and every body.  The one thinking if I don’t fix it, it won’t be right.  The one thinking, no one is capable of fixing it but me.

One of the challenges associated with that title, was coming to the reality that I couldn’t fix everything. The other was accepting there were things outside of my ream of control. Yes, I said it and I can admit it! I struggle with control. (I find myself still wanting to control certain things-don’t judge me).  For those that know me, it is no surprise but for some of you I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat, with your head in your hands, forcing yourself to see Tina Bailey as a control freak.

Okay, you can sit back in your chair.  If you took the time and were honest with yourself, you would find, you are too. We all have a desire for things in our lives to work out. I mean who would go through life knowing something is wrong and do nothing about it? Who would have the ability to change something, and not change it? changeLet me whispers something to you — we do it every day.

You see there is one thing we ALL have the ability to change. There is one thing we have control in changing. However, because we have been told by so many, for so long, that we cannot change it, we do nothing about it. When we take a stand to make a difference in this area, we are labeled. When we seek to make this area better, we are often told we are wasting our time. Even when people see the changes, they point out the areas that are not changing.  

What is that area? I’m glad you asked.  We can change ourselves. We can make a better life for ourselves. We can work on ourselves.  We can find ways to make ourselves better. We can take a stand for ourselves. But we don’t want to do that.  We want to change everyone around us. We want to point out the things wrong with everyone else.  We want to “fix” them.

We are being challenged today to do the most challenging thing of our lives.  Take care of our own business. Realize that we all have issues. None of us are perfect. Yet God loves us in spite of it. Did you know when we stand for judgement, we will not be asked what we think about what someone else did. We will be judged according to our own transgressions.  We will not be compared to another person. We will only be compared to the person we were when we vowed to make a change.

Realize this:

  • We are not required to be perfect.
  • We are required to make an intentional effort to do better.
  • We are required to use the lessons we learned through our efforts to do better.
  • We are required to not judge the imperfections of others.
  • We are required to not justify our actions by the things we see others doing.

So in your efforts to “control” the situation, ask yourself – what am I trying to control? Is this something outside of my ream of control? Then pray – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Until Next Time,

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