You ever had those days where it seems you just can’t hear from God. You’ve prayed, you’ve fasted and then prayed some more. But nothing…. You want to say “Hey, is this mic on?”

Let me help you, my dear, God heard you! He heard you the first time, he heard you the second time and he heard you this time. And in most instances, He has given you the answer you just didn’t want to accept that answer. It wasn’t what you wanted to hear. You wanted something like “it’s not your fault” or “I’ll handle it” or “it’s on the way”. But what He said was “you ain’t ready for that” or “now is not the time” or “you need to stop doing that first”.god do you hear me

Listen so many of us have this image of God in His long, white robe, smiling, passing out blessings. We go to Him with our hands outstretched expecting an immediate answer to the problem we have been holding on to for years. I have a question. Why didn’t you go to God before it became a problem? Why didn’t you ask His thoughts when it was just a thought in your mind? I’ll tell you… because it was what you wanted to do. It felt right. It felt good.

You see that’s the problem with sin. Sin keeps you trapped by making you feel good. If it didn’t feel good, who would want to do it? If it wasn’t appealing, who would stay in it? I’ve never known a person to remain in any situation that wasn’t offering some type of benefit. But don’t you realize every benefit is not a good benefit.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox but let’s be real, we have to put in some work to get what we want in this life. The bible says “I come that you may have life more abundantly”.(John 10:10) Okay, let’s break that down. But first let’s go back to the beginning of the verse – The enemy comes but to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy’s plan is to strip you of your hopes, of your dreams, of your desires. He wants to leave you with nothing. And he will use anyone willing to help in his scheme.

But God says oh no, I come that you may have life more abundantly. God is saying the life you desire, I want more than that for you. I want the best for you. I want you to have more than you can hope for. More than you can dream possible. More than you could ever desire. He says you see I knew you when you was in your mother’s womb. I have plans for you!!!

Now what that abundant life looks like to me may be different than what it looks like to you. And I guarantee what it looks like to us is different than it looks to God. You see God has a plan for you. And anything you place in your life that will hinder you from accomplishing that goal will not be comfortable and will not lead you to the abundance you desire. So when you go to God asking for something and you don’t get the answer you desire… ask yourself “is this request helping me with the plan God has for my life or will it be a distraction?” If you are continuously praying for something and feel you haven’t received an answer, maybe you need to accept He may be waiting for you to line up with His plan.

God is faithful and loving AND He really wants to bless you. But you have to position yourself to receive the blessings. Don’t ask God for that man that belongs to someone else. Don’t ask God to clear up your debt when you are constantly purchasing unnecessary things. Don’t ask God for a new job when you don’t go to the one you have on time. Don’t ask God for a new car when you don’t take care of the one you have. But more importantly, God isn’t concerned with your stuff. Stuff will come and go. I guarantee anyone that has left this earth could care less about the ‘stuff’ they left. God is concerned with your soul and what you are doing to be a witness of Him to those He place in your path. All of us may never enter a pulpit – some will never even go into a church. But the life you live before those in your circle will be a testimony of what God is doing in your life. Your life can be an example of the abundance the bible talks about. The way you love unconditionally. The way you help those that can’t help themselves. The way you forgive. The way you smile just because there is peace and joy on the inside. You see that is the abundant life that He has for you – peace and joy! Not stuff!


Until Next Time,

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