Today is…

good friday

To some it merely means a day off work. To some it means an extra day to go shopping and prepare for Easter Sunday. But for those that understand what happened on that Friday, this is a bitter-sweet day.

On this day, they put nails in my savior’s wrists and feet then hung Him on a cross. On this day, they insulted Him and beat Him. On this day, they gave Him vinegar to quench His thirst. On this day, He bowed His head and died. On this day, they placed His body in a tomb. On this day, God had to do what He promised never to do again, He turned His head away. But then it was this day, the Jesus recognized I would need help so He sacrificed His life to save mine. It was on this day, the enemy lost all power over the lives of God’s people. It was this day that allowed us all an opportunity to see God one day. It was Him giving up His life so that I can have an abundant life. So on one hand my heart is sad but on the other I’m forever grateful.

We talk a lot about a “sacrificial praise”. We even sing the song “Sacrifice of Praise”. Many of us will go to church today, tomorrow or Sunday and wave our hands, lift our voices all in the name of offering a sacrifice of praise. But the ultimate sacrifice of praise God desires is your soul. Not just the words, not the little cute post on social media, not just the outward expression or what you think people will see, He wants it ALL. He desires when someone has mistreated you, you can forgive. He desires when you have little, you can share. He desires when you are talked about, you can pray instead of retaliating. He desires when you don’t feel like it, you can do the right thing. He wants all of you. He wants the best of you. Not just the parts you want to give, He wants the part you think you are hiding. The lying, the stealing, the lust, the smoking, the cursing, the drinking – ALL OF IT!

We are all excited about Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday. We will walk into the church with our Sunday best. We may even drop a tear as the preacher reminds us of what took place during this season. But what about Monday, will you take the time to truly give thanks for the sacrifice of life that was made for you. Remember God sent His ONLY son… Jesus left the comforts of heaven…all so that we would not have to die for our own sins.

So instead of focusing on what pair of shoes will go with that dress, how you want your hair done, what color the family will wear this year, or complaining about how early you will have to get up in order to arrive at church to get a seat, how about asking yourself  “what is God asking me to give up” or a better question “what am I willing to give up”?

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and a Reflecting Resurrection Sunday.

Until Next Time,

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