Who remembers the cassette tape? I remember sitting up until the wee hours of the night making the perfect mixed tape. As a matter of fact I still have some in my attic (I wonder will they work). The one thing I would hate was when the tape player would get stuck and cause the tape to spin around the rollers and unravel.  I would spend hours trying to get it out of the player, making sure it didn’t break and even longer winding the tape back up.  The things you could do with a pencil and some “time”. cassettesLife was simple then.

Do you remember the big fall out you had with your best friend? You were so mad. You vowed to never speak to her again. Yet by the end of the day, you had settled the issue and moved on. All was forgiven and you were laughing like nothing ever happened. Life was simple then.

Do you remember when you weren’t allowed to hang around the house (running up the light bill)? It was easy to get a game of kickball or stickball going on any given day. When you couldn’t find a ball, you found other entertainment like jack rocks or hop scotch. You took time to walk and meet your friends instead of texting them on the phone or sending messages on Facebook. Life was simple then.

Some where we lost the simplicity of life and replaced it with stress and chaos. We got caught up in the gloom and doom of  it all. We tend to get caught up in stuff instead of relationships. We take for granted that a smile can change a person’s day. We depend on others to make us happy when all we have to do is look around and be grateful for what we see.

True happiness will never be found in other people.  As soon as they do something that you don’t like (and they will) there goes your happiness.  Many times we find ourselves doing things to make others happy. Let me help you—you can’t MAKE anyone happy. If you are honest with yourself, when you strive to make others happy you end up losing sight of who you are and what makes you happy. So just focus on the one person you can control — YOURSELF!!

Bring the simplicity back. Take the time to listen to music. Go on a stroll through the park. Call a friend. Learn to play again. Smile for no reason. Laugh as loud as you can. Make a decision to not worry about anything for at least an hour. Breath deep. Watch the clouds. Just be free.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to make life simple again.  What signifies simplicity in your life? Take a moment and rest in it. I promise the problems that you lay down for that moment will be right there waiting for you when you are ready to pick them back up. But for now just make it simple

Until Next Time,

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