The other day I stopped by the gas station to fill up my tank.  As one of those people that despise inconveniences; someone who is extremely bothered when things don’t go “smooth”; and someone who hates not being in control of her surroundings (sshh – it’s one of the behaviors I’ve asked God to help me with), I imagine running out of gas would totally aggravate me. Therefore, I’m very adamant about making sure I have gas in my car.

Setting aside my OCD behaviors, I would say my actions can be further contributed to my upbringing and being told to never allow the car to go under a quarter of a tank of gas because trash would get in the engine. And we all know that trash in the engine will keep the car from running properly and ultimately cause unrepairable damages or even cause the engine to blow up. (at least that’s my interpretation)

The funny thing is, as careful as I am about making sure my car has what it needs to perform at peak performance, I’m not always as particular about doing what has to be done to assure that I’m running at my peak performance at all the times. I’m doing better though. 

Just last week, I noticed my energy level was down, I was struggling with adhering to my normal routine. I found myself physically unable to function. I was bed-ridden for three days. I had the intention of getting things done but was unable to accomplish anything.  Every time I tried to be active, I physically felt bad.  It seemed regardless how hard I pushed, I just couldn’t get it together.  Have you ever felt like that? You couldn’t put your finger on it but you just didn’t feel like yourself!!

I had to stop and think—what’s wrong with me? It was then, I realized I was “running on empty”?  I couldn’t remember the last time I had truly showed myself self-care. I had been tending to the needs of everyone except myself. I had allowed my tank to not only go pass the quarter level, I was in the RED!! and trash was starting gather in my engine.running_on_empty


  • Negativity
  • Laziness
  • Indecisiveness
  • Moodiness
  • Unproductive
  • Bitter
  • Grouchiness
  • Physically Sick
  • Lethargic
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Frustration

I could go on… but you get the picture.  I was stressed. I was unhappy. I was unpleasant. I was quiet. I was exclusive. I was withdrawn. I was consumed with the trash that was taking over my life. I had to get to the gas station and refuel quickly.


Reconnect with yourself.  You know when things aren’t right. Are you tired? Are you lonely? Are you frustrated? Are you depressed? Are you burnt out and just need to rest? Are you putting the needs of others before your own? Take time to assess how you are feeling and why you may be feeling that way.

Make some adjustments. After you’ve identified the problem or problems, make some changes.  You do not have to be superwoman to everyone.  If you’re not good to your body, your body will not be good to you.  Sometimes you just need to take a moment and just relax.  It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes.

Find some motivation.  I am rejuvenated by music and writing.  So when I’m down, I pump up the music and dance around or grab a journal and write. I may write about what I’m feeling. I may write about the song playing. I just write.  You have to find that thing that motivates (refuel) you.

Just like with your car, running on empty can cause some unrepairable damages. Learn to identify when things just aren’t “right” with you. Give yourself permission to take time to show self-care. Give yourself permission to love on yourself unapologetically. You are no good to anyone if you are not performing at your best. I encourage you, if you are “running on empty” get to the closest gas station and refuel.  You deserve it!!

Until Next Time,