Have you ever been so discouraged that you wanted to give up? Just throw in the towel?  You try over and over again and nothing seems to work. You do your best but your best just don’t seem good enough. Your “MO” has asked your “JO” for a divorce. Your prayers seem to only reach the ceiling and you are just plain tired.  Okay, you get picture! Discouragement sets in and you “feel” defeated.

Discouragement has been defined as feeling the loss of confidence (trust in something or someone) and a loss of enthusiasm (passion or interest).

If we go by that definition, discouragei fightment sets in when we put confidence in man. The Bible tells us it is better to put trust in God than to put confidence in man (Psalms 118:8).  Discouragement sets in when we lose sight of our purpose.  Well, Philippians 4:8 reminds us to place our thoughts (passions/interest) on things that are lovely, pure, honest, etc. What’s my point?

When you find yourself feeling discouraged, because remember discouragement is a feeling not a reality; stop and ask yourself where is my focus? Am I focusing on God? Am I focusing on my purpose? Am I focusing on my assignment? Or am I focusing on people? Am I focused on the naysayers? Am focusing on what others have? Grab hold to your thoughts then make a decision to change your focus. Changing your focus will ultimately change the way you feel.  I know that sounds so cliché. But you MUST take control your thoughts and your feelings or they will take control of you.

The enemy uses our thoughts to discourage and distract us.  He knows if he can get us to either give up on our dreams or lose focus of our dreams, people will not receive the help they need.  He knows our own blessings will be hindered. He knows God’s love will not be shown. He knows the purpose on our lives will fade.  He also knows if he fails in his attempt to discourage us, he loses!!!

Discouragement is an attack on who you are. Discouragement is an attack on your dreams. Discouragement is an attack on your faith.  Discouragement is an attack on your mind. The only thing I know when I’m under attack is to FIGHT!

  • Fight the attack of who you are by reminding yourself of who God says you are.
  • Fight the attack on your dreams by reminding yourself of WHY you want them.
  • Fight the attack of your faith by reminding yourself of God’s faithfulness. He will never leave or forsake you.
  • Fight the attack on your mind by surrounding yourself with positive people.

So when discouragement attacks you— FIGHT! Fight with everything you have. Fight like your life depended on it. Because if you are honest with yourself – it does. Many of people have taken their life because they became discouraged. But I declare over everyone reading this that giving up is not an option and you will be victorious! You will fight! You will win!  For greater is He that dwells in you than he that is in this world.

Until Next Time,