Do you remember back in the day when you had to send film off to be developed? You would place the film in a self-addressed envelope and ship it off.  After a few days you would receive your pictures and the negatives in case you needed reprints.  Well, today we have advanced and we don’t have to ship the film off.  We either print them ourselves or send them electronically to the store and have prints made.  We are so advanced!!!

Sadly that’s how we want our lives to be. We do the bare minimum and expect miraculous things to happen. Well, mynegative dear that is not the way it works!!!  In order to get the colorful, beautiful image you desire, you have to deal with the negatives!

You have to deal with the negative people, the negative thoughts, and the negative results.  Yes, you have to deal with some negatives. The thing is how you deal with them. Do you let them discourage you from accomplishing your goals? Do you give up hope because of them? Do you get distracted by them? Do you allow them to destroy the image that you dreamed? Do you focus so much attention on the negatives that you lose sight of the picture?

You worked hard to set the picture up just the way you wanted it. You chose the perfect location. You chose the perfect background.  You chose the perfect outfit.  Your smile was radiant. Your make-up was flawless. You put in the work required to make this the best day and it begins to rain. A NEGATIVE!! You have a choice, you can cancel the photoshoot or you can dance in the rain!  Me… I would probably dance in the rain.

My point is instead of focusing on the darkness of negatives, hold that baby up to the light and expose the lies of the enemy.  When you become frustrated with life, hold your life up to the light! The light is God! Ask Him for direction. Ask Him for instruction. Ask Him to make the path clearer.  You are called to greatness and the enemy has a desire to keep you from answering that call. But you are greater than he is. You are more powerful than he is. You have the ability to do anything you set your mind to.

Regardless how old a negative is, if you have taken proper care of it, it can always reproduce the original photo.  So they called you names. So they lied on you.  So they mistreated you. So what!!! You are a child of the King. You are made in His image. You are victorious. You are a miracle in itself.  You are awesome.  Let them talk. Hold that negative up to the light and expose the true image.  Reproduce the original image because that’s what the world needs to see.  You have an assignment don’t let the darkness of the negative keep you from it.

Until Next Time,