Growing up I heard my grandmother say, “I once complained about my shoes until I meet a woman that had no feet!” That was her way of telling me to be thankful for ALL things. Good and bad!

Although I understood what Grandma was saying, I must admit, I still had things I complained about and I took a lot of things for granted. As the year comes to an end, I can look back at things and realize maybe I should have been more appreciative of certain opportunities, maybe I should have slowed down just a little bit and took the time to say “thank you”.  Maybe I should have looked deeper in the eyes of my loved ones when I said “I love you”. Maybe! Maybe! Maybe! Unfortunately, those moments are gone, but I have today! You have today. We have all the moments that will appear from this point forward.

Complaining is defined as: a verbal or nonverbal display expressing dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.

Did you realize most of the things we complain about are things we can actually do something about?

Instead of complaining about how people treat you…show them how you desire to be treated by treating yourself with respect and love. Stop talblue shoesking negatively to yourself. Set boundaries for individuals that don’t treat you the way you desire to be treated.  You were created in greatness, don’t accept anything less.

Instead of complaining about finances… evaluate where you are and change the situation.  Is going back to school an option? Do you need to look for another job? Do you need a job?  Do you need to set up a budget and get better control on your spending? You were created to have an abundant life, why are you struggling?

Instead of complaining about not having enough time… work on time management skills.  Are you taking control of your time or allowing your time to take control of you? Do you find yourself being wasteful with your time? Are you lazy? Are you consumed with things you shouldn’t even be doing? Remember you are in control of your time – no one else.

Instead of complaining about life in general… realize you are the CEO of your life. You can promote as well as terminate anyone or anything you desire.  Do you have individuals sitting in management positions but they should have received a pink slip? Are you giving benefits to individuals that should be on probation? Have you provided adequate training to your employees or are you just letting them do whatever they want to do?

Let’s face it, there is always something we CAN complain about. But there is also always something WE can do about it.

Instead of focusing on all the things we could complain about, how about taking the time to think about how different our lives could be if we stopped complaining and took the time to make the changes we desire.

Where you are is not your final destination! It’s just the chariot that will get you to the palace.  ~Tina Bailey

 You will never go forward constantly complaining about the situation.  You must take matters in your own hands and change the things about your life that you don’t like.  You are in complete control. So in honor of my grandmother – I LOVE my shoes.


Until Next Time,