When you think of a prisoner, most of the time you think of a person locked up because they have broken the law. You think of a criminal, a bad person. You think of a person “doing time for the crime”. But what if I told you, you are a prisoner?

Yes, YOU!!! Many of us have been imprisoned by our thoughts.  Some are shackled to our past. While others are handcuffed by our lack of motivation and belief in our own abilities.  We all have that image that appears in our minds when we think of a prisoner…. Looking between the bars, sad faced, hoping someone takes pity on them.  Well are you that person? Are you looking through the bars wishing for more? Wishing for something to miraculously happen that would change your life?free your mind

Dreams don’t happen; they are created!  ~Tina Bailey

You will remain bound to thoughts of your past or your previous failures as long as you allow it.  At some point you must decide that enough is enough. YOU have to decide that I’ve been in this position long enough. At some point you have to decide to break the chains that hold you captive and push towards the things you really want in life.

In my book, What You’re Hiding is Hindering Your Blessings, I talked about how I felt this overwhelming need to be perfect. I was imprisoned by my desire for perfectionism. One of the most liberating things in this world, was the day I realized I didn’t have to be perfect in this imperfect world.

It’s time for a PRISON BREAK!!

Did you realize you could break free of the chains of your past? All you have to do is stop seeking permission from others to be who you truly desire to be. You don’t need permission to let your greatness shine.  All you have to do is DO IT!! Your greatness is on the inside of you not on the outside. People don’t determine how great you can be – you do!

You will never know what you are capable of achieving, if you don’t at least attempt it. Regardless of what you think – no one expects you to be perfect. That’s a lie you have convinced yourself to be true.  Those individuals that love you are going to love you regardless.  Let me tell you one more secret–individuals that really care about you, want you to do the things that make you happy.

It’s time to for a prison break!! The good thing about this prison break – you don’t have to look over your shoulders expecting someone to put you back in “lock up”.  The only one that can put the shackles back on you is YOU!!

Free your mind and the rest will follow!!!

Until Next Time,