Have you ever had that person that seems to always be tooting their horn, talking about all their accomplishments?  You know that one that seems to never make a mistake. The one that seems so much better than everyone else. They appear to be so sure of themselves that it makes you sick to your stomach.   You want to scream “You Ain’t All THAT!!

Why do you think people like that bother you so much? Is their confidence causing you to question yourself? Do you wish you had that type of confidence? Do listening to their accomplishments make you feel less than? Are you secretly obsessing over what they have? Are you wishing you had done more in life?

Did you know those type of thoughts are tricks of the enemy? Part of the enemy’s job is to plant seeds of doubt in your mind. If he can get you to focus on what others are doing, you can’t focus on what God is doing in your life. Regardless of what you have heard, the enemy is powerless. His power comes from what we give him to work with. If you lack confidence in yourself, he will use it against you.  If you struggle with self-esteem issues, he will use it against you. If you aren’t sure of your purpose, he will use it against you.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.  Each day we should strive to be better than we were the day before. Each day we should strive to do better than we did the day before.  Each day is God giving us an opportunity to improve.

His mercies are renewed every day, great is His faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:23

It’s not about being better than someone else. It is truly about being a vessel God can use. It is being willing to do bebe bettertter.  It is about being willing to allow God to make you better.  It is about not wanting to continue to do the things you have been doing.  When you compare yourself to others, you discredit what God created in you.  You were not created in the image of man, you were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27).  If you want to compare yourself to someone, compare yourself to God!

One would say I could never measure up to God. This is true but I’d rather live a life trying to be like Him than live a life based off the lies someone else is showing me.  We all have issues. We all have flaws. No one walks around displaying their flaws but that don’t mean they aren’t there. It just means the person is striving to be better than they were yesterday. They are working on their flaws.  They are not giving the enemy power over them, they are walking in confidence of who they are. They are embracing what God is doing in their lives.

Each day you wake up, strive to be better. Each day, strive to do better.  Each day, be thankful for another opportunity.  Each day you wake up mark it as a day of self-improvement.

Remember yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised but today is a gift from God.

So when you make a conscious effort to make changes in yourself each day, you can walk around and say “I AM ALL THAT!” Yes, you may have people that seek to discredit you. So what!! As long as you know you are striving to be better than you were yesterday; as long as you know you are working towards being who God called you to be, don’t worry about what people say!!  People are going to talk – remember the enemy uses what’s available – unfortunately sometimes it’s people.

Until Next Time,