It’s just not fair!!! When I was 9 years old my father died of a massive heart attack. I remember being so mad and I remained that way for years. You see my dad was my best friend. I could talk to him about anything.  We had this routine where we would go to the store purchase our favorite snack items, climb up into our favorite tree, and enjoy our purchases and a long conversation about everything and anything. So when he died, I was mad. I was hurt and I declared this just “IS NOT FAIR!!!” I wanted my dad back. I wanted my friend back.

This week our family experienced a loss that opened up old wounds for some of us.  I heard someone say “no one should have to deal with this (pain)”. I completely understood what she meant. Death can be hard and the pain of losing someone you love has a tendency to hurt down to the core.  It’s an indescribable ache. It’s a hurt that only “It’s just not fair” can sum up.

However, there will be things that happen in our lives that just don’t make sense to us, but we have to believe that God will never make a mistake. We have to rest in the facgod comfortst that God loves us and knows not only what the future holds but what we have to go through in order to be prepared for it.  When we go through those moments of misunderstanding or feeling as if life has mistreated us, we have a choice – turn from the only one that can help or run to HIM!!

I know you are saying, “Okay, I understand all of that but how do I do that?”  How do I run to God? How do I get through this pain? The Bible gives specific instructions for us to follow: It says “Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you” 1 Peter 5”7.   It also says “Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28.

We run to God by remembering:

  1. God cares for you even down to the last detail. James 5:11 Focus your attention on Him and His Love. Even when it’s hard. Even you don’t want to. FOCUS!!!!
  2. God promises to never leave you and He’s always near. Deuteronomy 31:6 Cry out to Him. Be honest with Him. Tell Him that it hurts. Tell Him that you need Him to help you with this pain.
  3. God will comfort you if you allow Him. Isaiah 49:13. Allow Him to comfort you. Remember He knows everything about you. He created you. He knows how to comfort you. He knows how to love on you. And most importantly He wants to do those things just because He loves you.

For me to say that I don’t miss my dad would be a lie. For me to say “I don’t feel like life is unfair sometimes” would be a lie. For me to say that I don’t understand the pain associated with loss, hurt and mistreatment would be a bigger lie. But I am living evidence that God can heal the hurt. I know that God is concerned with every hurt I feel and He’s able to comfort it. I know that He sees and captures every tear that falls down my cheek. Even though the pain may not go completely away – God has a way of making it tolerable and bringing you out stronger because of it.  Remember although you may experience pain, God is never the cause of your pain.  So during those times when life seem “unfair”, instead of running from God try running to Him. He is standing there wanting to wrap His arms around you and comfort you.

Until Next Time,