Anyone that knows anything about me know that I LOVE MY CHILDREN! The love I have for my children is a love that could never be described or maybe even understood unless you are a mother.  I can say that regardless of what they do, I will always love them.  I may not like the things they do but I will always love them.  God’s love for you is that times 100. He has this love for you that never grows old. A love that never gets tired. A love that never gives out.

The fact that we serve a God that loves us unconditionally is mind blowing and sometimes unbelievable.  He allows us to live our lives according to our own desire. Doing the things that we want to do but you better believe that He has a way of gently nudging us into the direction that He desires for us.  The love He has for us is too strong to allow us to stay off track for too long.  Have you ever found yourself in a situation and you hear “something” telling you not to go that way or not to do that? That’s the gentle nudge of God working yolose to be savedu back to the direction He desires for your life.

There are these two “siblings” called perfect will and permissive will.  The perfect will of God is when we are completely tuned in to what He is saying and moving in the direction that He wants for us.  The permissive will is God allowing you to move in the direction that you choose to move in.

The problem with the permissive will is that’s how we get in trouble. When we want to do things our way, it only prolongs the inevitable. You’ve heard me say it before “what God has for you is for you”. The only one that can hinder or prolong the blessings of God in your life is you and it’s when you chose the permissive will over the perfect will.

I remember my daughter coming to me one day saying she wanted to move in with one of her friends. I knew in my heart that this was not the best choice for her but I knew that if I protested it would only make the situation that much more desirable.  Needless to say the situation did not work out the way she had hoped and she decided to move out of her friend’s home. Now I could have easily said NO you are not moving in with that person and got mad when she did. But what good would that have done? NONE! Taking that stance would have only caused more issues.  It would have built a wall between us and prevented an opportunity for her to feel comfortable coming to me and talking about the situation.

God does us the same way. He see us making choices (permissive will) that He know is not the best choice but He allows us to do so anyway. He loves us too much to build a wall between us that would prevent us from coming back to Him when we realize the choices we make are not working. He opens His arms and loves us back to His PERFECT will.

Regardless of which sibling you are hanging out with right now, remember God loves you and desires only the best for you. But you have to let Him help you. You have to allow Him to guide you to your destination. It’s all a matter of choice and it’s your choice to make. Remember you are never too lost to be saved.

Until Next Time,