This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Psalms 118:24

So many days we take life for granted at least I know I do. I go to bed expecting to wake up the next day. Most days I already have plans of what the next day will hold.  I look at my “to-do list” from the day before and make a declaration that I will take care of it “tomorrow”.  Have you ever considered that you may not get up the next day? Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Every day that you are on this earth is a gift from God, yet we take it for granted.  Many days we complain about the smallest things – what we have to wear, what we will eat, the person that didn’t speak, or the person that spoke in a way that we didn’t like. We, as humans, are constantly complaining about something, forgetting that each and every day that we are above ground is a blessing from God himself.

I’ve been on this journey to lose weight and I’m learning a lot about my body. The things it will do and the damage that I have done to it through my careless activity.  The other day I was on the tread mill determined to get in a complete 10 minutes without stopping. Yes, I said 10 minutes (don’t judge me). It was so hard. I felt like my heart was going to run out of my chest just to have an opportunity to recuperate. My legs throbbed. My knees made this funny crackling sound. I began to feel dizzy. I found myself gasping for air.
I wanted to give up right then and there. But then the thought hit me. I may not be moving as fast as the person beside me. I may not be doing it perfectly. But I’m doing more than I was by sitting on the coach, eating chips and watching television.  I’m at least doing something.  The next thought that crossed my mind was there are people that wish they could walk on the treadmill. There are people that wish they could walk anywhere. Individuals that would love to feel a pain in their knees or legs and here I am complaining. So I pulled myself together and continued on my journey. Was it fun? NO!! Was it empowering? YES!!

That’s the way we have to be in life. When you feel like giving up and you feel that you just can’t go any further, remember your life is someone else’s fantasy. They wish they had half of what you have. What you consider your worse day, would be considered a luxury to them. So instead of looking at what you don’t have, what you have to do, think about those that would see it as a blessing just to have the opportunities you are complaining about.  THIS is the DAY the LORD has made (He made this day for me) so I will REJOICE and be GLAD in it!!

Until next time,