There are times when it seems that regardless what you do or what you say you just can’t get your point across. You find yourself frustrated because what’s in your head will not coming out of your mouth and your plan just won’t come together. You know those moments when you’ve planned and planned and it seems like something is always happening causing you to have to go back to the drawing board? Those times when it seems that NO ONE understands what you are going through. When it seemed that everyone was busy and just didn’t have time to do what you needed them to do?

I was there. I was looking for someone to just understand. Someone to help me put my thoughts together. Someone that would listen and not judge me. Someone that would help me get focused.  I was tired of complaining about the same things and not knowing what to do to fix them. I was tired of going back and forth with my indecisiveness.  Life was not suppose to be hard. I should be able to figure this out. I am an intelligent person. Why isn’t this working? Why can’t they just do it the way I’m telling them. Why can’t they just LISTEN to me!!! Why are they making this difficult?

Then it hit me one day…why didn’t I just listen.  Was God trying to show me something in all this chaos? Was He using those individuals in my life to show me how I present myself to Him?  Was He trying to get my attention? Was I was too busy for HIM? Was I the cause of all this turmoil and placing blame on everyone else? What was the real issue here?

So many times we get busy in the “everyday” matters of life that we lose track of those things that are really important. With all the tasks that need to be done, there just doesn’t seem like enough time in the day. Everyone needs your attention. Everyone needs your help. You need to plan this and work on that. Then frustration kicks in and you declare LIFE IS HARD!! Yes life can be difficult. Some of the situations in life can be hard to handle. But my dear “LIFE IS NOT HARD”.  It’s just time to refocus and make a plan to get back on track.  You’re trying to do everything, when you were not designed to do everything. You’re trying to handle everyone’s problems, fix everyone’s issue, and then manage your own life.  That is not what you were created to do. Let’s walk together and tear down those walls of “needing to be everything for  everyone” and make a plan to be what “you were created to be”.

Life is what you make it and we want to make it fun and productive. Are you ready?